Rikki Hernandez

My name is Rikki Hernandez
You can follow me on Instagram: @RMHFitness_
I reside in Orlando, Florida 
I'm 25 years old
Currently I weigh 185LBS (#Thicc) and I'm 5'8
My current occupation is filming and editing for Scott Herman and Adam Ivy on youtube 
My personal motto is "Don't Weaken" 
My life goals are to be successful! have a family, career, and friends that I can spend time with 
My fitness goals are to be a Pro Natural Bodybuilder 
I have been training for over 7 years! 
Currently I train 5 to 6 days times a week
My current training regime consist of a PPL split or a Upper/Lower PPL split
My favorite muscle group to train is Legs and my favorite exercise is Deadlifts
My favorite meals are anything that involves pasta lol cause #carbs
My GO TO cheat meal would be a Zinger Mountain Melt
I gain motivation and inspiration from helping other achieve their goals
My friends and family inspire me 
I like to play guitar on my free time 
My FAVORITE Wolfpack product is the REFLEX tanks, super comfortable, and THE BEST fit. 
Wolfpack VS. Other brands? We are the most ambitious goofballs you'll ever meet. We work hard, motivate, and INSPIRE while still being ourselves.