Joseph Shmidt


Name: Joseph Schmidt


Social media: @officialjoeschmidt on Instagram 


Location:  From Jacksonville FL currently living in Orlando


Age: 21


Height and weight: 6’4 190


Occupation: Fitness Coach


What is your personal motto: The only things you can’t achieve are the things you deem impossible


What are your life goals: I want to make a name for myself in the fitness industry and leave a lasting mark on it.


What are your fitness goals: To build the most aesthetic physique I can attain naturally, and win NPC shows as a natural physique competitor. 


How many years have you been training: 3 years


How often do you train: 5-6 days a week


What is your training regime/split: upper lower


What is your favorite muscle group and exercise: I love hitting chest, especially the classic bench press


What other sports do you participate in: I play IM flag football, I used to play college dodgeball


What is your favorite meal: vegetable stir fry with teriyaki chicken and rice 


What is your favorite cheat meal: Al’s pizza for sure. Anyone from Jacksonville knows what I’m talking about.


What motivate/inspires you: Thinking about everyone who doubted me or who told me what I could or couldn’t do my whole life, as well as always being overlooked.


Who/what figure inspires you: Steve Cook


What do you do in your free time: I love listening to music, I’m a bit of a rap critic.


What is your favorite Wolf Pack product: The reflex stringer 


What do you like about Wolf Pack Athletics compared to other brands: I love that Wolfpack is very personal. It’s more of a family than a brand and it’s a mutual partnership than most brands.