Hamza Anwar

Name: My name is Hamza Anwar.
Social media: My Instagram handle is 
Location: I currently live in Tampa, Florida.
Age: I am 21 years old.
Height and weight: I'm 5ft 6 and 168 pounds.
Occupation: I am currently a student at USF.
What is your personal motto: Life is tough, but you are tougher.
What are your life goals: I would like to be a successful medical sales rep along with having an awesome wife and kids. Also, I would like to maybe open my own gym one day. 
What are your fitness goals: I would like to at one point bench press 420, squat 620 and deadlift 700 pounds. Also, I would like to eventually weigh around 175 pounds and be at a 10 percent body fat.
How many years have you been training: I have been training for 4 years.
How often do you train: I train 6 to 7 days a week.
What is your training regime/split: I do push, pull, legs for my training.
What is your favorite muscle group and exercise: My favorite muscle is chest and bench press would have to be my favorite exercise.
What other sports do you participate in: I used to wrestle and swim in high school.
What is your favorite meal: My favorite day to day meal would be ground beef and pasta.
What is your favorite cheat meal: My favorite cheat meal would probably be a burger with fries and a cookies and cream milkshake.
What motivate/inspires you: The number one thing that motivates me is when I see progess in the gym because it shows me that all my hard work is paying off. Also, competition from other people motivates me to work harder.
Who/what figure inspires you: I would say both my granddads inspire me because both of them achieved so much even though they didn't come from wealthy backgrounds.
What do you do in your free time: In my free time I like to watch YouTube. Some channels I enjoy watching are Jeff Nippard, Teaching Mens Fashion and The Daily Dropout.
What is your favorite Wolf Pack product: My favorite Wolf Pack Product would be the black stringer.
What do you like about Wolf Pack Athletics compared to other brands: I like the fact that Wolf Pack Athletics is a local brand and I love to support local businesses. Also, the difference in quality of the products that Wolf Pack puts out compared to other brands can definitely be seen and felt when you wear their products.