Your progress has stopped...Now what?

Related imageYou’ve been training hard, you’ve lost a significant amount of weight or put on muscle, you’re on top of the world, and then... one week goes by. Another one goes by and progress has stopped.  

You look in the mirror constantly and you start to freak out. You feel that heaviness in your stomach because all this work, nights of training, and for what?  

Plateaus are probably one of the hardest things to deal with in your fitness journey. I guarantee you that EVERY ONE has gone through a plateau. In weight loss, muscle gain, strength gains, and so on. What causes them though? And how do we break through them?  

Come, lets chat. 



There are many reasons why a plateau has occurred in your fitness journey. But first let me inform you and what a plateau looks like. Let’s say that you start off at a bodyweight of 200lbs. The first month of training you lose a whopping 10lbs, about 2.5lbs a week. You are crushing it, feeling stronger than ever, and you keep on going. 

The second month you lose about 1lb a week. Another 4lbs come off, you now weigh 186lbs. Training is getting easier and you’re eating habits are getting better.  

On your third month you weigh yourself and you’ve lost nothing... for the whole month. The scale didn’t budge at all. Two more weeks go by and the scale remains the same. At this exact moment most people would give up or go on an extreme diet that won’t be beneficial for you long term.  


What are the causes? 

Creeping calories 

I know I have done this in the past, hell even during contest prep I'm guilty of doing this. You guys ever buy cookies or another type of snack and you open the bag with the intention of having a “little bit”. The two hours later you find yourself a whole bag of Cheetos in and watching “How I met your mother” on tv? No? just me...oh.  

Any calories you’re not tracking or using “just a pinch” of will add up guys. I know it's difficult when you’re starting your fitness journey but keep in mind what the end goal is, a healthy lifestyle, with the body of your dreams.  


Progressive overload, it takes time 

When you first starting making those “newbie” gains you’ll notice that everything is getting easier. You’re pushing more weight, running faster, and moving easier. You have to keep in mind though that it’s your body adjusting. The human body is so incredible in that way, it will accommodate to whatever stress you’re constantly putting on it. Which means that you will constantly have to challenge it.  


Getting Closer to Your 'Ideal Weight' Makes Losing Those Last Few Pounds Harder 


This is the hardest truth. The first 10lbs are easy, it’s the last 10 that are the hardest. There will always be solutions, they may require more sacrifice but that’s why you’re here! Because you decided that its time to do the damn thing. DO NOT STOP NOW.  


Bodyweight vs Body Fat 


Bodyweight is everything, muscles, bones, fat. That is what you are weighing anytime you step on the scale. Keep in mind that as you train you will also be building muscle which will keep the scale the same or increase it. Keep an eye on your body composition, that will change drastically even when the scale reflects otherwise. 


What’s next? 

Breaking through plateaus are not easy but it is doable. My biggest recommendation is to reassess your habits. Look back at your main goal and see what can be changed. If your goal is weight loss then look into different forms of cardio that can burn more calories and adjust your calories around that.  

Start being more active outside of the gym. I know that a hard training session will put you on your ass at times. But you have to keep staying active outside of the gym to keep burning calories overall, remember team it’s all about how many calories you are consuming in the long term of it all vs. Short term.  

Lastly, seek out help. WE ARE HERE TO HELP, if you feel lost or unmotivated by this just reach out. We can help with getting you back on track.  


Thank you guys for reading!  


Rikki Hernandez 





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