Why I’ve Stayed Natural...


When I first started my fitness journey, I don’t ever remember anyone telling me about steroids. Sure, I saw pumping iron and I kind of KNEW that there was something fishy going on with Arnold but not once do I remember thinking “I need whatever he’s taking”. Once I saw Franco Columbo though I thought to myself “Okay, I need to do whatever he’s doing” and that was simple. I need to eat more, train harder, and take my supplements. I mean that’s how HE got that big right?  


I won’t lie to you guys and say that I’ve never thought about using steroids. I refuse to believe that anyone in our group of powerlifting, bodybuilding, and aesthetic god friends have thought about it too. It’s almost like the movie The Matrix. If Morpheus showed up and in one hand had a protein shake that you had to take for 9 years OR steroids that would get your results in no time...which would you take?  


Now, before I start getting hate emails and nasty DM’s let me state that I personally have no issues with anyone that uses steroids. Hell, I have a handful of friends who are amazing human beings that use steroids and I don’t judge them. At the end of the day do what you want. I do believe though that there is a certain mindset you have to be in when you decide to take steroids. The purpose of it is what I judge. If you tell me “Rikki, I use steroids because I hope to be the next Mr. Olympia.” then I’m all for the cause. To reach a certain level in any sport in the weightlifting realm there’s only so much you can do naturally. If you believe otherwise then good on you for being so positive and clueless.  


There’s a quote that Hafthor Bjornsson used in the documentary Born Strong that perfectly describes anyone in the sport that wants to win and the great lengths they will go through to win. “If eating shit would make me stronger, I’d probably do it” That’s the mentality of someone who’s willing to use steroids, hard work, and dedication to reach a goal and that’s something I can stand behind.  


So, why do I stay natural? Here’s a few reasons: To start, steroids are expensive. They’re expensive if you want quality products. If you truly don’t care about what you’re putting into your body then you can buy whatever from that huge guy at the gym that’s always looks like his arms are going to explode. Or, you can buy oil and inject it into whatever body part you’re trying to grow and end up on Luimarco’s channel, not PROPAHHH. IF I had the money would I still do steroids? Probably not but it would make it easier.  


Reason number two is the health reasons. This whole article could’ve been dedicated to the health reasons. There are enough bodybuilders that have died from health complications that I could also list off but why? Sure, there’s a “healthy” way to use steroids but the complications that can come from it are just not worth it. We also don’t fully know what the side-effects will be for each individual person. If you guys want a full article on the health complications that come from steroids let me know via Instagram (@RikkiHernandez).  


Lastly, once you start its pretty damn hard to come off. As a bodybuilder I can assure you that body dysmorphia is a thing. To some degree we all suffer from it, we look in the mirror not 100% happy with our physiques. It’s the driving reason for me to continue to compete in bodybuilding competitions. Body composition will continue to change over time, we bulk then we cut and every time we get a little bigger and then a little leaner. That’s the bodybuilding circle of life. Jumping on a steroid cycle changes that circle and turns it into a cycle (see what I did there) of using it to maintain what you have. Maintain whatever newfound gains you achieved because once your levels go back to normal, like most of the now older bodybuilders, your body will change along with it. Which for a lot of us won’t be good, we’ll look saggy and flat all the time. Which is why I am choosing to stay natural. 


I want to close this out by making it very clear that at the end of the day whatever route you decide for yourself is up to you. This article was really fun to write because it was sharing some of my own unaltered thoughts and I’d love to hear yours too. Thank you for reading and catch you guys next time.  

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