Turn The Protein Up

In previous articles, I have said that the optimal protein intake lies at around 0.8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight when it comes to maximizing lean muscle mass. The problem is that some people have trouble reaching their protein requirements due to not properly planning out their daily diet to accommodate for their protein needs. In this article, I will give you guys tips on how to achieve your protein goals by adding simple things to your diet that rev up the protein.

The first tip is to use Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt as it is higher in protein. So the next time you have a yogurt parfait, substitute the regular yogurt out for its higher protein counterpart. You can also add Greek yogurt to your protein shakes. Another simple tip is to snack on cheese and even better lean jerky. Lean jerky is packed with protein. A one ounce serving can have a much as 7 grams of protein.

Make sure to also eat the protein source in your meal first as protein is a lot more satiating than other nutrients so if you eat it on an empty stomach, you can fit more protein in your meal before you get full. An easy breakfast tip is to have a protein shake instead of a glass of milk for breakfast. A scoop of protein powder has around 25 grams of protein compared to an eight ounce glass of milk which has only 8 grams of protein. Salads are healthy as they are packed with vitamins and minerals, but they lack protein. A simple fix would be to add some grilled chicken or fish or even a couple of boiled eggs to help reach your goals.

Lastly, try adding a high protein source to each of your meals as this allows you to consistently be adding to your daily goal which puts less stress on you to eat a bunch of protein in the evening because you are way under your daily amount for the day. The more you spread out your protein, the easier it is to hit your target amount.

In conclusion, hitting your protein needs doesn't have to be a daily struggle especially if you implement this tips in your diet. Make protein a priority, snack on high protein foods and have a high protein source in each of your meals. If you do this small things, I guarantee that you'll never struggle hitting your protein goal ever again.

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