Tips to Getting a Stronger Deadlift

The deadlift is often considered the king of all movements due to the fact that it stimulates both the upper body and lower body. The deadlift works your core, traps, lats, lower back, hamstrings, glutes and quads among many more. So, how can someone increase the weights they can deadlift so that they can maximize the muscle growth they can achieve from deadlifts? I'm going to give you guys 5 key tips on how to increase your deadlift.

The first and most important thing to do to get a better deadlift is to just deadlift more frequently. In order to get good at anything, you have to do it frequently to get that motor pattern hard wired in your brain. It's the same principle with deadlifts. I reccomend deadlifting twice a week in order to get the movement down and become efficient at it.

The second tip I reccomend is to perform more deadlift variations that focus on the weak points of the lift for you individually. Some accessories that I have found to be extremely beneficial are tempo deadlifts, pause deadlifts and deficit deadlifts.

Another major thing that people do wrong on deadlifts is that they perform touch and go deadlifts which is when they tap the weights on the ground and keep doing the same thing for each rep. The problem with this is that, one it makes it easier to rep out the weight because the bar is already in motion and secondly you don't work on your positioning as much because you're constantly moving. So for tip three in order to maximize the gains you make on the deadlift, you have to reset on each rep on the deadlift which is called dead stop reps. This forces you to make each rep as perfect as possible as you have to get into the proper position for each rep.

Tip number four is build up your leg strength as this has a great carryover to the deadlift. So, by building up your squat, your deadlift will also be benefited by it.

The last tip is to record yourself from the side to see any movement inefficiencies so that you can work on them. It's common for people to think they're doing a lift perfectly, but once they see themselves on video they see a bunch of areas they need to work on. Also, make sure to record your light sets and heavy sets to compare your form for both.

In conclusion, in order to build a big deadlift, there are so many things that can be done to aid the lift. It takes a lot of time and reps to master the deadlift and even after that, there is always room for improvement. I just provided 5 tips to help with the deadlift, but there are many more. I might make a part 2 in the near future providing some more pointers. I hope you guys implement this tips into your routine and see your deadlift skyrocket!

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