Sleep More to Improve Athletic Performance by Hamza Anwar

You've got everything in line, you track your calories, you are consistently working out, you drink enough water, but the one thing you're neglecting is your sleep. Having a good night's rest is actually one of the cornerstones to being successful in the gym, on the field and even just in day to day life. According to a 2015 study, a lack of sleep can cause autonomic nervous system imbalances and even dysfunction of the immune system. Another study showed that athletes that had less than 6 hours of sleep the night prior to an event had a higher rate of injury compared to people who slept more than 6 hours. 


There are multiple reasons why a lack of sleep affects many different areas of fitness. When someone sleeps, it's the bodies time to reset and recover from the days work. Certain hormones such as growth hormone are released to help the body recover. When someone sleeps less than 6 hours, their body doesn't get enough hours of deep sleep and they also get less hours of growth hormone release. This causes people to feel more fatigued in the morning, have delayed reaction times and even worsened decision making skills. When it comes to the optimal amount of sleep, the recommended amount ranges from 7 to 9 hours for most people.

So instead of scrolling through Instagram or binge watching Netflix late into the night, put your phone down and try getting an extra hour towards rest. I promise you'll feel way better through out the day. You’ll have more energy to perform better at work and in the gym, which in turn will allow you to achieve your goals faster.











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