Meal Prep For SUCCESS

What’s going on guys! I hope you’re off to an incredible day. With the rise of the fitness scene and everyone wanting to be an entrepreneur I feel like the rise of meal prep companies are through the roof. The message behind them being “fast, efficient, and delicious.” I’m all for a good meal prep... meal? Companies like Icon Meals, Barbell Meals, and Apex Gourmet are perfect examples of companies that are doing it right. Focusing on accurate macros while providing an amazing taste.  


In my early bodybuilding career, my mother would cook for me all the time. Life is easier when you have someone cook for you. For those of us that aren't as fortunate though we often come to the conclusion that meal prep is HARD. For multiple reasons. First, it's too time consuming. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that I’d open up my own meal prep company. Second, I often hear, I don’t know how to cook well, which honestly, I can understand. My cooking skills are lesser than one of those kids on that Gordon Ramsey show. Have you seen them?! Kids cooking up a whole meal, adding wine to their dishes... I mean come on. Lastly its boring, which I get. I'll be honest with you guys that one I cannot relate with. I can literally eat chicken, rice and asparagus every day and be okay. I have trained my body to do so. I won't lie and say that I don’t break that lifestyle and eat as much sushi as my stomach can hold BUT for the most part, I'm totally a creature of habit.  


So, what's the most efficient meal prep for success? Let me show you. A lot of the time people will prep meals. Duh. I mean that in the sense that they will prep individual meals for each day. The reason that doesn’t work for most of us is because of the reason stated above. You will most likely get tired of eating the same food. Plus, a lot of people prep food for the NOW vs. The LATER.  What I mean by that is let's say you eat 6 meals a day, in order to make sure you have food for the WHOLE WEEK you'd have to prep 42 meals. Now correct me if I'm wrong but I'm willing to bet that one, there's no room in your fridge for 42 meals and two you probably wouldn’t have enough containers. What I would recommend is cooking your food in bulk. Here’s my full breakdown:  



For protein I cook a FULL 32oz of lean ground beef, 16 oz of shrimp, and sometimes I will cook around 16 oz of chicken. That’s a lot of food, I know. I eat around 180 grams of protein a day. A little under 30g of protein if I were doing 6 meals a day (which I don’t). So, to effectively prep my meals I give myself options to keep things different and I cook in bulk so its easy to know how many grams I need for a particular meal. Reason being that there's carb and fat sources that have additional protein.  



This is simpler in my opinion. For carbs I have things like rice, potatoes, or quinoa ready. Again, keeping variety so things don’t get boring. I’m a big fan of having Steam in the bag potatoes. They're a little more expensive but time efficiency is key. For carbs I actually don’t tend to cook WHOLE containers of things because it's usually too much of too many things so I’ll decide on two and cook half of the serving size per container. For example, I'll use a full rice cooker for my rice, one bag of steamed potatoes and so on. Also, If you’re having a hard time getting your protein in, try using things that are more carb heavy but also have a significant amount of protein per servings. Like Kodiak Cakes, Protein Pasta, Beans.  



Now fats I find to be the harder one to actually “Meal Prep” and that’s because I mostly use my fat sources from condiments or add on. My Go-To's are cheese, peanut butter, avocados, and eggs. I usually add cheese to most of my food cause... Well I love it and it’s a pretty good balance of fats and carbs to wrap up a meal nicely.  


Lastly, I know that some of you are going to be against this because you don’t eat leftovers or whatnot. Here's the deal, if you want to pay the extra cash to use a meal prep service then I highly recommend the ones I listed at the beginning of the article. If it’s too expensive then you need to figure out what will work for you. Ultimately you can continue to train without watching what you eat but ultimately you will reach a plateau and you will get to that point where you'll try ANYTHING to get to your goals. If you’re needing more help or have questions feel free to slide in the DM’s on Instagram and I’d love to help. 



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