How to stay HEALTHY and STRONG during ANY Holiday

Ladies and Gents today I want to share the secret to how to stay healthy during the holidays.  

I’m going to tell you now guys, I used to do ALL of my bodybuilding prep during the holidays. Why? Because I’m a fool, that’s why. Prepping for a competition during the holidays was my way of making sure I didn’t over eat because after all “I’m a bodybuilder and I have to eat to grow”.  

I’m sure Arnold said that once... Right? 

Today I’m going to be sharing with you guys 5 TIPS on how to stay on track during the holidays so you don’t lose your gains but you have BALANCE during the holidays.  



Count your macros 

To be successful you need to be aware during the holidays of what you are consuming. Having an idea on what your daily macro count is allows you to plan properly. That way you know exactly how much Carb, Fats, and Proteins you have to play with during those special days.  



Pace yourself 

For most holiday events people will starve themselves the whole day just to be able to pig out at night. DO NOT DO THAT. Guys just pace yourself and focus on portion control. Weigh your food out or eat smaller portions throughout the day so that way you don’t consume 3,00 calories in one sitting.  



Eat protein first  

As my good friend Scott Herman would say “ATTACK THE PROTEIN FIRST” read that with a Bostonian accent and it’ll make you laugh. Most holiday feasts are carb and fat heavy, with tons of sweets, chips, and other food usually laid out in the kitchen your carb and fat count will shoot up first. To avoid that start with a decent portion of protein first. It will help fill up your stomach first and allow you to hit you protein macros first.  



Don’t skip cardio 

Don’t do it... I’m watching you. Excess calories can lead to weight gain. What's an easy solution? Burn more calories. Starting adding more cardio sessions or increase the time on the one you're currently on. The goal is to use this as a way to balance everything out. This doesn’t mean “more food, more cardio”.  



Adjust calories by day  

This is my favorite tip because it’s the most simple and efficient one. On days that you know you will be consuming more make sure to keep your macros low throughout the day/the week. For example, on Thanksgiving week I know that on Thursday I will be in a calorie surplus. To balance that out I have lowered my calories for Monday through Wednesday. That way we I consume excess calories on Thursday I'm still at a normal overall calorie consumption for the week.  


I hope these tips helped you out guys! The holidays are a fun time of the year and with balance you will enjoy yourself more and be happy with those around you!  


Thank you for reading, catch you guys on the next one.  


Rikki Hernandez 







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