How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Today's article is a little different from my previous ones as it has less to do about training principles or nutrition and supplementation, and more to do about the mentality and lifestyle tips that can help you either start your fitness journey or improve upon it. I will be giving you guys my most important tips for ensuring a successful start to your fitness journey for 2020.

The first thing I always recommend is to take down your baseline statistics and levels of fitness prior to starting a new fitness program. This is vital as it can be used as a marker of if a new diet or program is working. Some baseline stats I always reccomend taking are weight and body fat levels. Then, one can elaborate and take measurements of the areas they desire. Also, from a performance standpoint, it's good to write down your initial maxes or performance numbers on exercises. For example, if someone is a beginner, instead of attempting a one rep max on bench press, they can do a 5 rep max as it gives an estimate of where they are at. Also, the things a person tracks down is highly individualized as different people have different goals. A sprinter is going to have different numbers that are important to them compared to a bodybuilder.

The second key tip is to start slow and focus on small wins and improvements rather than to overwhelm yourself with the end goal. It takes years for professional athletes to get to where they are at. So, don't demotivate yourself by thinking you can't or never will achieve something because you seem so far off. Take it one small improvement at a time. This could be going to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual or hitting 1 or 2 more reps on an exercise in the gym. These are just small things that keep adding up and will eventually lead to your long term success.

Another major key is to hold yourself accountable for whatever you're doing. This can be done by having a journal or diary that you track your workouts and thoughts in. It could be a workout buddy who pushes you to go to the gym and stick to the plan. You just need something that keeps you from failing or going off program. This is different for different people.

Lastly, don't talk bad or think bad about yourself. All of us deal with negative emotions and views about ourselves. It's completely normal, but it is how you react to these negative thoughts that dictates your outcome. You have to realize that you've already made the first steps to improving your life just by taking the time to read this article. Change takes time. If you focus so much on the end goal all the time, you don't appreciate the journey of how you're getting to the end goal which has a lot of character building moments in it. Negativity is always going to be there, whether it's coming from people or your own head. Just remember, that you control how or what you make of a situation and only you control how you react to it. Your success lies in your own two hands. All you have to do is take the first step and embrace the journey!

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