How to Get a Juicy Pump

Let’s get real! Everyone loves to go the gym and train. One of the most satisfying feelings of lifting is when you feel blood rush into your muscles which makes them appear much larger. This is what we call a "pump". In this article, I will talk about ways in which you can maximize your pump in the gym by adding these tips to your lifestyle and training.

Tip #1, Always make sure to be adequately hydrated throughout the day. This ensures that your muscle cells are full of water and ready for a hard training session. Being properly hydrated will improve your performance in the gym while making you look HUGE at the same time. (If you want more information on hydration, check out my article on the optimal water intake. The link is down below.)

Tip #2, Sodium is often a feared mineral, but fear not, sodium is actually extremely vital for muscular contractions and it also draws water into your muscle cells when you're lifting. So, a lack of sodium can lead to you looking flat and also lead to muscle cramps while training. A little trick to maximize muscle fullness before you train is to add around a quarter teaspoon of salt to your pre workout or meal. This will have you feeling jacked and motivated to hit a sick workout.

Tip #3, Make sure to not neglect the amount of carbohydrates you eat as your muscle cells use glycogen during physical activity. So, you need carbohydrates to fill up your glycogen stores and help you in your training.

Tip #4, Reduce rest times between sets as this gives your body less time for the blood to escape the muscle in between sets.


Tip #5, Incorporate super sets with opposing muscle groups as this means blood will be forced into both sides of the arm for example when training biceps and triceps. This results in an even bigger looking arm. This can work for chest and back, and quads and hamstrings.


Tip #6, Focus on contracting your muscles really hard will lead to more vascularity and better pumps as you are actively forcing blood into your muscles.

Tip #7, My final tip to help maximize your pump in the gym is to take 6 grams of citrulline 20 to 30 minutes before your workout as this has been shown to be a potent vasodilator which will have your veins popping all over the place once you start training.

I also have an article that's coming up pretty soon on the benefits of citrulline. So, keep your eyes posted. Now what are you waiting for? Go use these tips and become the biggest looking guy at the gym!

Link to article on hydration:


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