How to execute the Super-Man Push Up by Lucas Aylward

I have been a fan of push ups for many years. 


The variety and difficulty of push ups always intrigued me, and I wanted to learn how to master each variation. 


I’ve been training for 7 years, and I’ve been using the past 2 years to master calisthenics. The type of push up I’m going to explain here is the super man push up. 


The super man push up is a difficult push up to do, involving explosive power and balance. With practice, I’m sure you can learn! 


Step one: 

Gain the ability to do at least 20 consecutive regular push ups. You can learn to do this by increasing chest strength and/or lowering body fat so it’s easier to move your body weight. 

Step two: 


Practice the explosive motion of the push up. Lower yourself slowly to the ground, and push yourself up to top position with a burst of power, as if you’re trying to launch yourself into the sky! 

Step three: 


Once you feel comfortable with the “explosive” pushing, try to launch yourself off the ground. It can be as simple as getting your hands an inch off the floor! Just practice getting air. 

Step four: 


focus on gaining more distance with your hands. Bring them forward so your palms are facing away from you. In this position your upper body will look like “super man”

Step five:


Match your legs with your upper body. Using your toes, produce an explosive hop motion to gain distance off the ground. Your body should be parallel with the ground in this position. 


It will take some practice, but I personally find these steps useful in learning how to do the super man push up!

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