Dynamic Stretching 101 by Hamza Anwar

Dynamic stretching consists of movements in which joints and muscles are worked through an active range of motion. They are used as part of an effective warmup to many exercise routines. The type of dynamic warmups done are highly dependent on the activity that follows. For example, if someone is about to train legs, walking lunges is a good dynamic stretch to do. Also, I reccomend dynamic stretches over static stretching before weightlifting or other strenuous activities because when someone is dynamically stretching, they are priming their body through movement. However when someone is using static stretching, a quad hold for example, they actually negatively affect their workout performance due to their muscles not being able to contract to their full potential.


This makes sense because when someone works out, the stronger the muscle contraction, the heavier the weight that can be lifted or the more powerful a stride in a sprinter for example, but if a muscle has been statically stretched for a period of time, it cannot contract to it's full potential due to it's lengthened state. Some benefits of dynamic stretching are reduced risk of injury and improved power output. 


In conclusion, dynamic stretches should definitely be a part of any effective exercise routine as it not only prevents risk of injury, it can actually boost performance. The following link provides a list of 7 dynamic stretches that are versatile and can be used before your workout.




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