Benefits of Using a Weightlifting Belt

You've been training hard and efficiently for months now. You have awareness of your body and know how to effectively activate your core when working out. The next accessory I would recommend to you would be to add a weightlifting belt to your arsenal to take your training to the next level.

The most significant benefit of using a lifting belt is that it compresses your abdomen which in turn takes pressure off of your lower back. This is done by increasing something called IAP aka intra-abdominal pressure. IAP is the steady amount of pressure that is housed within the abdominal cavity in the body. The more IAP someone can generate, the heavier weights can be lifted due to a more stable body as a whole.

Another benefit of using a belt is that it gives a person a physical cue for them to know if they are activating the necessary muscles while lifting. By having a belt push on someone's abdomen, it prompts the person to push into the belt which again creates even more IAP. It's so easy for people to forget activating their core while lifting or even just lose pressure mid set. Having a belt on ensures a person stays tight the whole time while doing their set by reminding them to push into the belt.

Lastly, this benefit is more psychological, but many people report being more confident when attempting heavy weights if they are using a belt due to feeling more secure. The last thing you want to do is to be nervous before lifting something heavy. It all starts in the mind. If you are confident in yourself before you do something, you have a higher chance for success.

Wolfpack sells their own weightlifting belt which is 10mm in thickness and has a lever to provide a secure and locked feel. Lastly, it's black and gold so you'll look like a stud when you're using it. If you're interested, go checkout the link down below.

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