Benefits of Eccentric Training

There are two portions of a lift, the raising portion aka the concentric phase and the lowering portion aka the eccentric phase. Both of these phases are important to increasing muscular hypertrophy and strength, but unfortunately people mostly focus on the concentric part and often neglect the eccentric phase. In this article, I will discuss the ways in how you can use eccentric training to enhance your results in the gym.

One of the coolest things about eccentric training is that our bodies can handle close to 175 percent over our concentric one rep maxes for the eccentric portion. This means that you can use overload training for eccentric reps which has a multitude of benefits. Firstly, by working with heavier loads, your fear of attempting a new one rep max disappears as you've already accustomed yourself to how the weight feels due to handling that weight in the eccentric phase. The second benefit of overload training is that it induces more muscle damage which leads to increased hypertrophy and strength gains due to more progressive overload. More stress more adaptation.

Another major benefit of eccentric training is that slowing down the eccentric phase of a lift or going over your one rep max eccentrically has been shown to strengthen joints and ligaments and help with tendinitis. I've personally used this for my knee tendinitis and it has worked wonders for my knee pain.

In conclusion, eccentric training can help get you bigger, stronger and more confident at lifting heavy weights. Add to the fact that it will also make your tendons and ligaments bullet proof. So, there's no reason that you shouldn't implement eccentric training in your workouts. Now get on it!

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