4 Tips To Help You Crush Your Fitness Goals From Home

Most of us avoided it for as long as we could, finding ANY gym that was open as the Coronavirus pandemic keeps sweeping the world. A perfect example, I paid $35 dollars for a one month membership thinking, “I’m good. Training will be normal.” No sir, NOT UP IN HERE. The gym I paid $35 for ended up closing its doors the day after because the government decided to shut all gyms, bars, and restaurants down. Before I get any heat, I understand WHY this precaution was taken and I’m not upset or mad at the government for trying to contain this. The quicker we get this over with, the quicker we can go back to normal. That’s my PSA for the coronavirus, now let's get back to business.
I’ll be the first to say that my initial thought process when I heard that gyms were closing was, “Better use my day off macros because I won’t be training as hard at home.” That ladies and gentleman is exactly what you shouldn’t do. Here’s the thing guys, if we start switching up our diets too much now, once things get back to normal our bodies won't know what happened. You’ll start eating normally because you can train “normally” and what can you expect? The scale to go up because now you’re technically at a calorie surplus compared to the minimal calories you were eating during quarantine. My advice is keeping a closer eye on how many calories you're burning through the day and your workouts. I’m a fan of doing more work if it means keeping my calories high. Don’t make any crazy changes now, you're not going to suddenly gain 10lbs... unless you're eating like a...
Not a surprise that this is on the list but it’s the one most of us stop doing after our 8th day at home... in bed... Get up. Go move around. Coming from the guy that spent most of Sunday playing video games, I can reassure you that if you’re not taking the time to move around while you’re working from home, you're going to fall into a hole of laziness. Staying active doesn’t have to be as elaborate as most of you think it is, and I understand why. We’re used to dedicating a time of the day to going to the gym. That’s our “good deed to our body” or whatever you want to call it. So without thinking about it too much, my challenge to you is to take 30 minutes (if you can) after or before work to walk around. Go walk with your dog, a friend, or even by yourself while you listen to your favorite music or podcast. While you're at it, checkout the Wolfpack Mentality Podcast, available on all streaming platforms.
The beautiful thing about the fitness industry being so over saturated is that you will find a million different exercises for a million different things. Home workouts with or without weights, outdoor workouts, playground workouts. You name it, and I’m sure there's a workout for it. You don’t have to just do as many push-ups as you can for chest. With people like Kennard Dansbury, Scott Herman, Athlean-X, and many more, you have OPTIONS!  
Burning calories is all about pushing your limits, going for that last rep, that last mile, and giving it all you’ve got. Nothing pushes those limits like HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training is all about getting the heart rate up by bringing it to its full peak (or a little below, depending on your fitness level) and then coming back down to baseline, followed by bringing the heart rate back up again. You follow that structure for a few rounds and boom you’ve got yourself some HIIT. Now when you look up HIIT exercises, it’s easy to get carried away because they may look easy, but keep in mind guys, this is meant to be done in circuits, so don’t go too overboard or you’ll tire yourself out very quickly. Also, keep the movements simple! Exercises like mountain climbers, jumping jacks, and jogging in place when put in a circuit are great exercises to keep your heart rate up. Remember it's all about intensity and getting a great workout in.
I hope these tips help keep you guys motivated during our time of quarantine. I know times are tough and things are scary, but if there’s something I'm extremely proud of right now, it's you. Continue to find solutions to your problems and keep on crushing it guys!

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