4 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Fitness Journey



Over the last few years fitness has EXPLODED. It’s amazing the amount of research that has surfaced and the amount of fitness youtubers/influencers, that are just constantly putting out content telling you what to do and what not to do. Imagine having Scott Herman yelling at you to GET STAHHHTED in one ear while Jeff Cavalier is telling you how you’re KILLING YOUR OWN GAINS. With all this great research and content, it can be overwhelming on where to start.  

SO, LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. Here are 5 things you guys SHOULD KNOW before you start your fitness journey. 

  1. EAT BIG TO GET BIG – Guys this does hold SOME truth. You do need to be in a calorie surplus if you want to see muscle growth, ESPECIALLY as a newbie lifter. NOW here’s where most people go wrong. If you start consuming more calories than you are burning you will start putting on additional body fat. If you are a “Hard Gainer” referring to someone who has a hard time putting on weight then you will benefit from this scenario. UP TO A CERTAIN POINT, ideally you want to nail down a certain calorie range to ensure you’re optimizing your gains and reaching your goals. Whether it’s bulking up, leaning down, or maintaining. 


  1. A BODY PART FOR EVERYDAY: BRO SPLITS ARE A THING OF THE PAST. Guys, hitting a Chest Day every Monday will provide gains BUT what if I told that you could have a split that hits EVERY BODY PART twice and will provide you optimal gains. In order to grow, muscles need to be stimulated. By training each muscle group once a week you’re missing out on a huge window to optimize muscle growth. Here is one of my favorite splits that will yield results and hits every muscle twice a week: 

Monday: Push 

Tuesday: Pull 

Wednesday: Legs 

Thursday: Break 

Friday: Push 

Saturday: Pull 

Sunday: Legs  


  1. FORM OVER EVERYTHING: Injuries in the gym can put you out for months even a year. Take the time to learn proper form by asking a coach, personal trainer, or search on the good ol’ YouTube. Form is not only beneficial for keeping you safe BUT effective reps goes hand in hand with muscle growth. As we spoke about in the article (Rep Ranges for Muscle Growth) “With that being said, effective reps along with proper volume is KEY for muscle growth.” 


  1. SUPPLEMENTS DO NOT EQUAL GAINS: Ladies and Gents PROTEIN POWDER IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING. A lot of us starting our fitness journeys often get overwhelmed with what supplements we are told to take. From testosterone boosters to fat burners. Guys these supplements do serve a purpose but ultimately it comes down to THE WAY YOU EAT. You can use a million different fat burners with no results because you’re still consuming way more calories than you should. Remember that supplements are just that, supplements. If you’re lacking protein than use a protein powder to help you reach that goal. If you need a pick me up during the day, then use a pre workout to help boost your energy, just make sure you educate yourself properly on what ingredients are in your supplements. Educate yourself as much as you can!  


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